Resources to Support Meaningful Engagement

While engaging caregivers, patients and families in your work can take more time, evidence shows that when they are involved from the outset to drive change in health care, it can result in a better care experience and better health outcomes.   

Below are resources that can support your organization in engaging patients, caregivers and families. 

Watch a video – Hear fromcaregivers Carole Ann Alloway and Omar Khan about meaningful, authentic engagement of people with lived experience

Rules of Engagement: 15 recommended approaches for health care organizations to use when they are involving patients and caregivers in any engagement activity. 

Rules of Engagement- One page Summary 

Rules of Engagement- the Caregiver Perspective, learn how caregivers imagine the rules of engagement come to life.  

Taking patient partnering to the next level is a resource developed by Health Quality Ontario that includes tips, considerations and best practices for the engagement of caregivers, patients, and families.  

Health Quality Ontario – Choosing Meaningful Projects 

Health Quality Ontario – A Glossary of Health Care Terms: For Patient and Caregiver Partners 

Quality standards developed by Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health for family engagement and youth engagement  

Should money come into it? a tool for deciding whether to pay patient- engagement participants Should patient and family-caregiver participants be paid? This paper developed by the Change Foundation discusses the process to create the decision tool, the decision tool scoring, and any limitations and requirements of using the tool. 

7 things to think about when considering compensation– A one-pager that highlights seven key aspects to consider in the decision-making process.

Resources to support diversity in engagement  

Health Quality Ontario recruiting for diversity

Diversity in patient engagement report  

Diversity in patient engagement worksheet 

Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) – Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has created The Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA)  a decision support tool which guides users through the steps of identifying how a program, policy or initiative will impact population groups in different ways. It includes a template and a workbook that walks users through the five steps: 1) Scoping, 2) Potential Impacts, 3) Mitigation, 4) Monitoring, and 5) Dissemination.

Engagement Resource Hubs 

Healthcare Excellence Canada Patient Engagement Resource Hub Launched in spring 2021, Healthcare Excellence Canada brings together the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement. Healthcare Excellence Canada have a collection of resources to support partnering with caregivers, patients and families to improve quality across the continuum of care. 

Health Quality Ontario Patient Partnering Tools and Resources a collection of resources to offer a variety of ways patients and families can play an active role in partnering effectively with health providers and organizations.    

Networks to support caregiver and patient engagement  

The RISE community of practice for patient/family/caregiver engagement in Ontario Health Teams  meets monthly and provides an opportunity for online sharing and discussion.

Patient Advisors Network  

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