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Support for Young Caregivers

Finding balance as a young person in a caregiving role is not easy. 

You play a vital role, but you’ve also got your own life to think about. This might include school, part-time jobs and a social life. 

As a caregiver, staying connected to friends and family is an important way to take care of your mental health. Above all, remember that you are not alone. 

Visit OCO’s online resource centre, created especially for young caregivers: 

S4 E3 | 48 min
Balancing Being a Caregiver and a Young Working Professional
What’s in this podcast:

Join Cindy Yip and Michelle Jobin in this insightful podcast episode as they explore the intersection of language, culture, and caregiving while balancing a career.

S3 E10 | 31 min
Caring for Parents with Siblings
What’s in this podcast:

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Rick Lauber, a former co-caregiver who shared caregiving responsibilities with his two sisters to his aging parents.

Being a Young Caregiver 
What’s in this podcast:

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Allegra Pearce, a young caregiver. Pearce dives deep into her experience caring for her mother who was diagnosed with dementia when she was 22. 

S2 E10 | 42 min
Becoming a Sibling Caregiver
What’s in this podcast:

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Helen Ries, a caregiver and co-founder of Siblings Canada, an initiative of the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence.

I’m a caregiver

Caring for: Mother & Father


The Caregiving Story of Mercadez–A Child Caregiver

“My caregiving story started far before I knew what caregiving was. I was a child thrown into the caregiving world, caring for both my parents.”

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