Supporting Caregivers in Home and Community Care 

There are four million caregivers in Ontario—people caring for caring for family members, partners, friends, and neighbours. 

Many caregivers support people at home and in their community. They play a critical role in ensuring the person’s safety, health, and well-being – and their ability to remain living in their home. 

Caregivers at Risk

Many caregivers experience stress, burnout and find it difficult to continue in their caregiving role. Caregivers are also at greater risk of feelings of isolation, depression, and long-term health conditions. This poses a risk to the health and well-being of the caregivers themselves, and of the person they support.  

Adding to the issue is the fact that many caregivers face barriers to support or are unaware that help is available.

Caregiver burnout can result in:

Caregivers need support in order to successfully care for others. Home and community care professionals can play a key role in identifying caregivers and connecting them to the support they need. 

Interventions Focused on Caregiver Well-being Can Help

These include: 

Other Ways Home and Community Care Service Providers Can Support Caregivers:


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