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Caregiver Mental Health and Well-Being

Supporting your own mental health and well-being is important to prevent caregiver burnout. With the right tools you can learn to recognize warning signs.

Taking care of yourself can be a challenge for caregivers, as it may require time away from the person you’re caring for or other things you need to get done. As a caregiver, looking after your mental and physical health is important.

If you are experiencing any of these signs you may be at risk of burnout:

The OCO is here for you. Explore our resources and find support that may help you in your caregiving role.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a life-threatening situation, call 911 for a medical emergency or 988 for a mental health crisis.


  • SCALE Webinars

    Join our SCALE Program

    Get tips and tools for managing stress, incorporating mindfulness into your day and more. SCALE Webinars are available live or recorded to watch when it’s most convenient for your caregiving schedule. 

  • Peer Support

    Connect with other caregivers and learn from shared experiences. 

    Online Support Groups

    Facilitated by a trained Peer Support Group Facilitator with experience as a current or former caregiver. Space is limited. 


    1:1 Peer Support Program

    Connect with caregiver mentors and get the support you need for the challenges you’re facing. 

  • eLearning & Educational Resources

    Create a free account with the OCO Learning Library and access our specially designed e-learning modules. 

    Topics covered: 

    • Caregiver burnout 
    • Developing resilience 
    • Mental health and addiction 
    • Much more

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Caregiver Tip: Taking Care of Your Body and Mind

“I try to fit in half an hour of random dancing every day… I replicate dances from music, this really helps me toget my emotions and energy out, while bringing me comfort as I know I’m doing good for my body and mind at the same time”

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