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SCALE Program Overview

The SCALE Program Returns in Fall 2024!

What is the SCALE Program?

The SCALE (Supporting Caregiver Awareness, Learning and Empowerment) Program can provide you with skills you need to find a balance between your caregiving responsibilities and personal needs.

Maintaining mental health is a crucial step on the caregiver journey.

Offered twice a year, the SCALE Program offers:

Upcoming SCALE Sessions

The next SCALE session begins in Fall 2024.

SCALE is also available on demand. Caregivers are busy. We have recorded each session so that you can watch our SCALE webinars below at any time, including when it’s not offered live.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

S1 E5 | 45 min
The Organized Caregiver
What’s in this podcast:

Michelle Jobin is joined by Organizing Expert, Clare Kumar to discuss how an organized schedule, home and life can decrease stress.

S1:E3 | 00:29
Maintaining a Healthy Mind with Michal Goldstein
What’s in this podcast:

Host Michelle Jobin and social worker Michal Goldstein discuss the importance of a balanced schedule and the benefits of staying mindful.

I am a caregiver

SCALE Participant


Applying Learning to Real Life

I was able to apply some of the knowledge, strategies, and tactics to my work life too, so the benefits of the SCALE program brought wellness to all aspects of my being.

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