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I am a Caregiver Toolkit – Indigenous adaptation

Through a partnership with the Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health (CERAH) at Lakehead University, an Indigenous Advisory Committee has reviewed and adapted OCO’s I am a […]

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Hypertension Quality Standard: What Caregivers Should Know

Knowing where and how to access accurate information about hypertension (high blood pressure) can help you support the person you’re caring for to maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

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Intimacy & Connection in the Caregiver-Partner Relationship

Learn how caregiving impacts partner relationships and explore tools to regain connection and intimacy when caring for a partner.

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What is the office of the Patient Ombudsman?

Craig Thompson, Ontario’s Patient Ombudsman talks about what the office of the Patient Ombudsman is, what it does and what caregivers need to know about making health care complaints in […]

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The Importance of Cultural Competence – The Caregiver Connection

Cultural competency is knowledge and behaviour that enable caregivers and healthcare providers to interact respectfully in a manner that is mindful, open, and sensitive to differences we may not be […]

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Understanding Caregiver Challenges in Rural Communities

For caregivers living in rural communities, accessing essential support and resources can be a challenge. Learn tips on navigating the rural healthcare system and getting access to the support you […]

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Communicating with People Living with Dementia

Learn how dementia affects communication and receive useful tips and strategies for communicating with people living with dementia as they progress through the disease.

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Quality Standard for Delirium Care: How Can I Help?

In partnership with Ontario Health, this webinar provides an overview of delirium and how family members and caregivers can support people with or at risk for delirium.

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Caregiving and Chronic Liver Disease: Challenges, Insights, and Support

Listen to this discussion about the challenges of chronic disease such as chronic liver disease and gain insights into the patient and caregiver experience, and how to access support.

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