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Supporting Someone with Autism

Caregiving or supporting an autistic person can be a lifelong journey. Depending on their needs, the required strengths or skills can vary greatly, with differing levels of support needed.

The OCO has resources that may be able to help.

Steps You Can Take Right Now:

If you are caring for a person with cancer, you may be involved in both practical and emotional support.

Explore our resources below to find community support, peer groups and more.

Language Statement
OCO recognizes that language used to refer to autism is sensitive and evolving. While there is no firm consensus on language, we follow the recommendation from Autism Ontario to use identity-first language. For more information on this recommendation, read Autism Ontario’s Language Statement.


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Learn through the lived experience of a caregiver as they share insights into challenges and solutions they face.

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The holiday season is a time of joy, but it can also be a stressful time with various to-do lists – especially for those caring for children with developmental disabilities. We discuss the issues.

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This webinar features a panel of family caregivers who support individuals with developmental disabilities.

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This webinar will help caregivers learn first-hand tips on sustaining self-care by reducing stress, improving one’s well-being and finding joy in the holiday season.

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Caregiving for Adopted Children & Children with Complex Needs with Nicole Renaud
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Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Nicole Renaud, a Regional Parent Liaison at Adopt4Life, to discuss caring for children with complex needs.

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Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Helen Ries, a caregiver and co-founder of Siblings Canada, an initiative of the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence.

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Caregiver Coaching
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Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Brenda Davie and Suzanne McKenna to discuss The Ontario Caregiver Organization Caregiver Coaching Program.

I’m a caregiver

Caring for: Sister


I’m Talia and This is my Caregiving Journey

Love comes in many forms. Read about caregiver Talia’s experiences caring for a sister that is on the autism spectrum.

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