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Supporting Someone With Mobility Challenges

Being a caregiver to someone who has mobility issues, no matter the cause, can pose a complex set of challenges. You may need to help the care recipient get dressed or get in and out of a vehicle.

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Explore our resources below to find community support, peer groups and more.

Caregiver Supports

elizz.com – Find resources to give you the skills you need to provide safe and effective care.
Commonwise Home Care – Find tips for handling mobility issues and professional homecare services.

S1 E5 | 45 min
The Organized Caregiver
What’s in this podcast:

Michelle Jobin is joined by Organizing Expert, Clare Kumar to discuss how an organized schedule, home and life can decrease stress.

S1 E1 | 38 min
Becoming a Caregiver
What’s in this podcast:

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Mieko Ise, Program Advisor for The Ontario Caregiver Organization, to talk about the realities of becoming a caregiver.

S3 E1 | 40 min
Walking Alongside Indigenous Peoples who are Seriously Ill: Education for Community Caregivers Curriculum
What’s in this podcast:

How Michelle Jobin is joined by Holly Prince and Jessica Wyatt to discuss CERAH, a Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health at Lakehead University and discuss their experiences with caregiving and why this is so pivotal to Indigenous communities.

S3 E7 | 46 min
Caring for Parents
What’s in this podcast:

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Rani Sinanan who speaks about her experience caring for both her parents and what this looked like for her.

I’m a caregiver

Caring for: Wife


Allen’s Caregiver Story: One Does it Out of Love

Allen shares insights into his caregiving journey and shares four helpful tips for caregivers

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