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Jennifer’s Caregiving Story

Jennifer shares her story about caring for her two young sons with complex needs. She talks about caregiving while working full-time and the importance of taking time for herself.

I’m Wendy Preskow and This is My Story

Twenty years ago, the word “caregiver” was not in my vocabulary or the buzzword it is today. When you hear “caregivers” most people think of seniors being cared for by […]

Steve’s Caregiver Story: It’s Important to Know You’re Not Alone

At age 19, Steve’s older brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The two were sharing an apartment at the time. Whenever his brother was going through episodes and experiencing symptoms, Steve […]

Allen’s Caregiver Story: One Does it Out of Love

Despite suffering from diverticulitis all her life, Allen’s wife Mary was a spitfire. She was the life of the party, and she loved to dance. But in 2013, Mary’s life […]

Andrea’s Story

Andrea was a full-time employee, mother, and wife. She never expected she would take on the role of a caregiver so early in her life – let alone at all. […]

Donna Thompson and her Unexpected Journey of Caring

Caregiving is a journey that requires sacrifice, selflessness and vast amounts of strength. But the rewards are sometimes joy and often the knowledge that we did the right thing by […]

I’m Talia and This is my Caregiving Journey

Since I can remember I have been caring for my older sister Rachel. My sister is on the autism spectrum, has an intellectual disability and is non-verbal. Rachel and I […]

The Caregiving Story of Mercadez–A Child Caregiver

My caregiving story started far before I knew what caregiving was. I was a child thrown into the caregiving world, caring for both my parents.  My father has always been […]

Our Caregiving Journey: Compromise and Communication

Some days it’s hard to keep in mind, but our family has learned a lot about effective caregiving during the past 18 months. For my sister and me, our mother’s […]

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