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Supporting Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

Neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia are disorders of the brain. Caring for someone with Alzheimers’, dementia or other neurocognitive disorders can be challenging as the needs of the person you’re caring for evolve as the disease progresses.

People in the early stage of a neurocognitive disorder may understand that they are changing and be able to talk about it. At this stage you might:

Caring in the Middle Stage

People in the middle stage of Alzheimer’s disease or a neurocognitive disorder will need more help with daily tasks as impacts on thinking and memory progress. At this stage:

Caring at the Late Stage

During the late stage of a neurocognitive disorder, individuals become unable to communicate verbally or look after themselves. Eventually they lose the ability to eat, walk or use the restroom unassisted. At this stage you might:

Read more about the early stages in the Alzheimer’s Society ‘Progression’ series below.

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Caring for Someone with Dementia
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Using Technology to Assist People with Dementia
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I’m a caregiver

Caring for: Mother


Jeanne’s Story: Navigating the Healthcare System

Caregiver Jeanne shares a few tips she’s learned while providing care for her mother who has dementia.

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