About Ontario Caregivers

About Ontario Caregivers

Ontario caregivers remain the backbone of our healthcare system during COVID-19 and beyond. In so many ways, the pandemic has had an immeasurable impact on close family members and friends who are providing care and additional support. Yet, caregivers often remain invisible as they face vulnerabilities and challenges. 

In the depths of the pandemic, struggles and responsibilities have intensified. In OCO’s 3rd annual Spotlight Report, 31% of caregivers provide more than 10 hours of care per week, up from 26% before the pandemic. 50% of caregivers are in desperate need of a break but have difficulties finding additional support or time for themselves. The caregivers’ mental health is also a concern – being amplified due to COVID-19 – caregivers are feeling lonely, isolated and depressed. While most caregivers are quick to say they are coping well, many are hesitant to admit they are struggling. It becomes clear that more than half of caregivers have high-stress levels when it comes to managing their emotions and balancing the care recipient’s needs with work and family responsibilities. In addition, four in ten caregivers reported having incurred significant financial increases to caregiving.

Unpaid caregivers are increasingly in need of support and care; it is crucial to shed light on their needs and the needs of the patients they look after. 

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