About Ontario Caregivers

About Ontario Caregivers

A lot has changed since we published last year’s Spotlight Report. Most Ontarians are vaccinated, Covid-19 restrictions have eased, and many programs and services have re-opened. What hasn’t changed is the impact caregiving is having on caregivers. There are far too many Ontarians struggling to cope physically and emotionally.

Our health care system is in crisis. There are fewer nurses and personal support workers adding more pressure on caregivers to deliver care that would otherwise fall to a health care professional. While 66% of caregivers are fairly new to the role (less than 3 years), many find themselves on the brink of collapse, feeling helpless and burnt out. In fact, 63% of caregivers say they reached their breaking point over the past year but still had to keep going.

Unpaid caregivers are increasingly in need of support and care; it is crucial to shed light on their needs and the needs of the patients they look after. 

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