SCALE Program

The SCALE Program returns September 14, 2022!



Registration will be open in August


OCTOBER 12 to NOVEMBER 2, 2022

Registration will be open in August

Psychoeducational webinars

Webinars were designed to focus on a series of subjects that are applicable to new or experienced caregivers, positioning you and your mental health at the centre of the sessions. 

You may register for all of Session 1, Session 2, or individual webinars to suit your needs. As a caregiver, we understand how valuable your time is and that is why we developed a program to best suit your schedule. 

If you are unable to attend the live sessions of the webinars, you can still watch the recording! Simply register for the webinar topic of interest and at the end of the live webinar an exclusive link to watch the recording will be sent to you.

Videos from previous sessions are available below.


FEBRUARY 8 to MARCH 1, 2022


MARCH 8 to 29, 2022

Online Group and Individual Counselling

All counselling and coaching sessions are free of cost and confidential.

Sessions are delivered by trained mental health providers through Dynamic Health in Toronto, Ontario with personal caregiving experience and/or caregiving expertise. Only registered participants will receive an online booking link to sign-up for counselling services. Space is limited and based on a first-come first-serve basis. Counselling sessions are only available to residents of Ontario.

To receive the maximum benefit from group or individual counselling, it is highly encouraged you register for the full session of psychoeducational webinars if planning to access these services. 

  • Online Group Counselling

    What does the group counselling offer? 

    • Guided awareness practice. 
    • Explore weekly webinar topic. 
    • Realize that you are not alone. 
    • Give and receive support with other caregivers. 

    To offer maximum support, all group counselling sessions will close registration after the 2nd week in each session. This is to allow caregivers to develop relationships and to build on weekly lessons. If you are interested in group counselling, please register early!

  • 1:1 counselling

    What does individual counselling offer? 

    • Individualized support and validation through zoom or the telephone.
    • 30 minute or 45-minute options. 
    • Options outside of set shifts. 
    • Opportunity for problem-solving. 

Scale Program Facilitators

  • Shoshana Kulik (MSW, RSW)

    Shoshana Kulik (MSW, RSW) is a Registered Social Worker who provides psychotherapy to individuals and couples at Dynamic Health Collaborative in North York. Shoshana has provided support to caregivers through the SCALE program since fall 2020. She works compassionately to help caregivers feel supported and has a strong awareness of the physical and emotional challenges that caregivers experience. She has run many support groups, including those for individuals struggling with grief and for those impacted by a loved one’s illness. Shoshana utilizes the strengths-based model which capitalizes on a client’s strengths to foster growth, as well as a solution-focused approach. Her history of being a spiritual leader can help those who appreciate spirituality to find strength from the spiritual to help deal with challenging times. 

  • Naomi Levine (MSW RSW)

    Naomi Levine (MSW RSW)  
    is a Registered Social Worker who provides psychotherapy to individuals, families, and groups at Dynamic Health Collaborative in North York. She has worked in youth corrections, a trauma program for children, youth and their families, and, currently, practices trauma-informed psychotherapy with adults and families.  She has been an intersessional lecturer at McMaster University, teaching Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy to undergraduate students. She also supervises graduate students who are completing their clinical internships. Naomi completed her master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Toronto in 2008. Naomi brings curiosity and compassion to her work with caregivers, giving them the space to explore their struggles and cultivate self-compassion and effective self-care. 

  • Malki Nadoff (AAPC CMCC)

    Malki Nadoff (AAPC CMCC) is a Certified Coach and Counsellor providing relationship and emotion coaching at Dynamic Health Collaborative in North York.  Malki has personal experience caring for aging parents who struggled with Alzheimer’s Disease and other complex medical issues.  Using both positive psychology and a goal-oriented approach, Malki helps caregivers navigate the difficulty inherent in caring from aging parents.  She works with compassion and sensitivity helping caregivers acknowledge and appreciate the rewards that can come with caring for one’s parents.  She is also a speaker at non-profit events empowering individuals to work through difficult family dynamics. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is brought to you by the Ontario Caregiver Organization in partnership with Dynamic Health Clinic.

For caregiving video tips related to the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, please visit our COVID-19 Resource Page.

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