• How do you get matched with a Peer Mentor?

    After registration, you will receive a short consent form to complete by the Peer Support Program Lead. Once complete, your profile will be approved, and you will receive log in information for you account by email. Once logged in, you will be able to see our available Peer Mentors and make a selection. Browse the available Peer Mentors and select the one that fits what you are looking for. Once you have selected them, all you have to do is wait, as the Peer Mentor will contact you within 2 business days to introduce themselves.

  • How does this program work?

    The 1:1 Peer Mentor program is meant to offer emotional support to caregivers. If you are interested in joining the program, all you have to do is complete our registration process and choose the Peer Mentor from a list of available mentors to be partnered with. The Peer Mentor will contact you to get to know each other better and set up future calls. If you aren’t sure who to chose or which Mentor would be a good fit, contact the Program Lead for help.

  • Can I meet my mentor in person?

    For the privacy and safety of all, Peer Mentors and Caregiver Participants will not meet in person. All meetings will be done over the phone or if both participants are comfortable through a video chat.

  • What is my personal information used for?

    All of the personal information collected for this program is private and confidential. The Ontario Caregiver Organization uses this information to understand the types of caregivers using the program and to help program participants connect with the Peer Mentor that is right for them.  Your personal identifying information will not be shared with anyone outside of the OCO staff. Only your first name, phone number, and caregiving details will be shared with the Peer Mentor you select.

  • Is this program private and confidential?

    Yes. This program is intended to be fully confidential. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone aside from OCO and the volunteer Peer Mentor that you are matched with. Peer Mentors receive training on the importance of privacy and confidentiality and both parties involved in the match are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to the match beginning.

  • Who are the OCO Peer Mentors?

    Our OCO Peer Mentors are caregivers who have volunteered their time to provide support through the 1:1 Peer Support Program. They all go through a thorough screening process including an interview, reference checks, criminal reference check and then have to complete training through OCO before they can act as a Peer Mentor for the program. Peer Mentors also receive ongoing supervision and support from the Program Lead.

  • How often will my match call me?

    We recommend peer mentors contact participants as often as once per week especially in the beginning of the program. Once you get to know each other better, you may decide to speak less frequently, if that works better for you.

  • How long will my match last?

    Matches can last up to one year, although not every match will go on for that long. When you feel you no longer need support and are ready to end your match, simply let your Peer Mentor know. If for any reason you do not want to let your Peer Mentor know, you can contact the Program Lead. At the end of a match, we will also send a survey to evaluates the program and your experience so that we can continue to improve the support we offer.

  • What if I don’t find a Peer Mentor that fits my needs?

    We are always recruiting new Peer Mentors and do our best to recruit a diverse group of caregivers. You are welcome to sign up for the program and continue to check back with us to see if any new Peer Mentors that are a good fit for your needs. You may also contact the Peer Mentor Program Lead at peersupport@ontariocaregiver.ca with any questions and they may be able to help you find a mentor that closely matches what you are looking for.

  • Can my Peer Mentor attend appointments or advocate on my behalf?

    The purpose of the 1:1 Peer Support Program is to provide emotional support. The Peer Mentors will not act as an advocate or in person support or provide any medical advice, but can offer a supportive ear and feedback based on their own lived experience.

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