About Peer Support

Sometimes, you just need to hear a kind voice.

As caregivers, we understand that the caregiving journey is filled with ups and downs. We know that this journey is equal parts rewarding and taxing. Finding balance and support to navigate this journey can seem difficult in between medical appointments, work and family commitments. That’s precisely why the Ontario Caregiver Organization created the 1:1 Peer Support Program.

Experienced caregivers know best just how challenging being a caregiver can be is which is why connecting with another, an experienced caregiver who you can share in your experiences within a supportive environment that suits both of your schedules, is “just what the doctor ordered.” Mentoring is one method of passing on lived experiences to support another caregiver in an empowering and meaningful way.

It’s easy to sign up, connect with a caregiver by phone or online and feel supported and understood as you navigate this journey together.

Questions? Contact us today.

OCO Peer Support Core Values

An approach which acknowledges the positive impact and power of hope.

Empathetic & Equal Relationships
The peer support relationship benefits from reciprocity and understanding which comes from similar lived experience.

Integrity, Authenticity and Trust
Are inherent in every interaction.

Personal Growth
Continuous learning, change and new perspectives are highly valued.

Self Determination
Acknowledgment of each person intrinsically knowing what is most suitable for them in their journey of caregiving.

Dignity, Respect and Inclusion
Regardless of background or situation each caregiver’s worth is acknowledged.

Health and Wellness
Commitment to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

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