Partners in Care: Pandemic Tool Kit – A resource for re-engaging caregivers with hospitals and long-term care homes

Caregivers are essential partners in care and play a critical role in providing physical and emotional support to a family member, partner, friend or neighbour in need. With access restrictions easing and as hospitals and long-term care homes across the province plan for a potential second peak of COVID-19, there is a new resource available to help engage caregivers in a safe and meaningful way.

The Partners in Care: Pandemic Tool Kit, developed in collaboration with Ontario caregivers and The Change Foundation, provides hospitals and long term care homes with the tools to get started. The Tool Kit, which is already being used in select hospitals across the province, was piloted in the hospital setting with success and being adopted across many health care and residential settings as an opportunity to safely re-engage caregivers as partners in care.  

The tool kit includes: Caregiver ID, Partners in Care Pledge and What Caregivers Can Expect (with more to come). Each tool is available to download and customize.

Learn more about how Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance leveraged Caregiver ID at the onset of COVID-19 and the impact it made to patients, hospital staff, physicians and family caregivers.

If you have questions about the Partners in Care: Pandemic Tool Kit please contact The Ontario Caregiver Organization at 416-362-2273 or 1-888-877-1626.

Caregivers as Partners Learning Suite

You can further your skills by enrolling in the Caregivers as Partners Learning Suite – Education for healthcare providers. This self-learning program has been certified by several accreditation bodies and can be used for professional development credits. Module topics include: understanding the role of caregivers, communicating with caregivers, and empowering caregivers.

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