You can make a difference for caregivers!

The OCO is committed to embedding the caregiver voice in every program and service that we provide.  Our strength lies in supporting caregivers with resources so they don’t feel anxious or alone in their caregiving journey. As a volunteer, you can make a huge difference in the caregiving community.

Discover Volunteer Opportunities For You:

  • Advisory or Working Group – Join a group to provide insights based on your lived experience as caregiver, and work with the OCO to co-create or co-design programs and resources.
  • Caregiver Voices, OCO’s Caregiver Advisory Panel – Join an online discussion forum to provide regular input and feedback on caregiver focused ideas and tools. You may also be surveyed on different aspects of your caregiving experience from time to time.
  • Focus Groups or Surveys – Join focus groups or complete surveys to test and provide feedback on new programs and resources from a caregiver perspective.
  • Peer Support – Join the peer support team to provide support to another caregiver who needs you.
  • Public Speaking – Draw on your lived experienced, participate in a panel discussion or webinar, or present at a conference.
  • Share Your Story (in print, in media or in video) – Share your caregiving experience, challenges and solutions to help others along their caregiving journey.
  • Strengthen our work behind the scenes – Support the OCO team with data entry, and other administrative tasks.

“I can’t believe I found such a fantastic volunteer opportunity during the pandemic.  Being a caregiver support gave me a positive outlook in my journey and a chance to help others, I am so lucky.”

Peer Mentor

Volunteers must be or have been unpaid caregivers to family members, friends and/or neighbours, regardless of their health condition, age or where they live. We provide respite, child-minding for in-person volunteering/participation, as well as honorariums. There are also options to participate by web conference.

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