Caregivers and Ontario Health Teams

Caregivers and Ontario Health Teams

The importance of caregivers has been recognized as a priority for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). The Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO) exists to improve the lives of Ontario’s 4 million caregivers who play a critical role in the healthcare system.

Caregivers offer unique knowledge about patients that can improve care delivery and health outcomes. As Ontario’s health care system is transformed through the creation of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), there are many opportunities to include caregivers in the design and delivery of care models to support OHT priority populations.

Caregiver-focused strategies are critical as OHTs strive for better, more integrated care and results that are aligned with Quadruple Aim objectives. When caregivers are valued, supported, and included as part of the care team, it can lead to a better patient/caregiver experience, improved health outcomes for patients, improved provider experience, and cost efficiencies

Ways the Ontario Caregiver Organization Can Support Your OHT

Learning Events and Webinars:

Connection to Resources and Tools

Our Care Provider Resource Centre offers tools and resources to support, include and engage caregivers in Ontario Health Teams:

We have tools that have been adapted and adopted by healthcare settings and are ready for implementation across your OHT.

Programs and Services for Caregivers

We offer a wide range of free programs and services to support caregivers across all of Ontario, including the 24/7 Caregiver Helpline, peer support and caregiver education.  Connect with us at to learn how caregivers in your OHT can benefit from our programs and services.

Guidance and Support

OCO is eager to meet with OHT leaders, partners, and caregivers to share ideas and provide guidance on strategies to recognize and support the important role of caregivers in your OHT. Connect with us at to set up a brief introductory meeting.

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