Caregivers and Ontario Health Teams

Caregivers and Ontario Health Teams

As Ontario’s healthcare system continues to evolve, family caregivers have gained recognition as essential care partners and a priority for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs).

Ontario’s 4 million caregivers play a critical role in the healthcare system providing 75% of the care. They offer unique knowledge about patients that can improve care delivery and health outcomes. Research shows that actively involving caregivers as equal partners in all parts of healthcare contributes to achieving the quintuple AIM ­–improved patient experiences, improved provider experiences, enhanced health equity, improved healthcare outcomes and value and efficiency of care.

The Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO) has created Caregiver Integration: A Practical  Guide for OHTs as an easy-to-use resource to support the integration of family caregivers in all aspects of OHT work. Modules in the practical guide include; Essential Care Partner Practices for Ontario Health Teams, Including Caregivers in Access and Navigation Models, Essential Role of Caregivers in Improving Transitions and Addressing Alternate Level of Care (ALC) and Including and Supporting Caregivers to Improve Transitions from Hospital to Home.

Caregiver inclusion relates to key components outlined in The Ontario Health Teams: The Path Forward guidance issued by the Ministry of Health, as outlined in the Guidance Document: Integrating and Engaging Caregivers to Achieve OHT Deliverables.

Guidance, Support and Resources for OHTs

The Ontario Caregiver Organization is here to help OHTs implement any of the actions, tools and resources outlined in the Practical Guide.

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