Healthcare Provider Resource Centre:

Partners in Care

Caregivers play an invaluable role in our health care system and communities. They provide an estimated three quarters of care in Ontario, supporting family members, partners, friends or neighbours with physical and/or mental health needs.  They also offer unique knowledge that can enhance care delivery and outcomes. 

Many caregivers are overwhelmed in their role – unsure of where to get information and anxious about what the future holds. They’re frustrated, worried and many find it difficult to cope.  

As a care provider, you can make a meaningful difference to the caregiver experience and the quality of health care.  Learn more about the resources that we offer to help you to:

  • understand caregivers and their role
  • embrace the experience and expertise of caregivers to enhance health outcomes
  • connect caregivers to the supports they need
  • support safe caregiver presence in care settings during COVID-19

Contact if you have questions about our health care provider resources or if you would like to explore opportunities to work with us to enhance caregiver support and engagement.

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