Tools For Employers

Tools For Employers

Caregivers in the Workplace

Working caregivers are ordinary people trying to balance work and caregiving demands. You play an invaluable role in the lives of those you care for, while taking on many different tasks in addition to work responsibilities.

While most caregivers have a positive outlook on this experience and a sense of fulfillment, many admit that they had no choice but to assume the work of caregiving and rely on their job to both earn a living and have a sense of purpose.

COVID-19: Impacts on the Workplace

As employers begin the process of re-opening workplaces, it is critical to consider the effect of this re-opening on caregivers. Download Action Steps for Employers as Workplaces Re-Open today and put these best practices to work.

Guide for Employers: Building a resilient and sustainable workforce

Are you an employer looking to learn more about caregiving and how you can support your caregiving employees?

Download the Guide for Employers: Caregivers in the Workplace – Building a sustainable and resilient workforce

Additional Resources

Gender Health and Caregiver Friendly Workplaces Project- McMaster University

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