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Caregivers in the Workplace

Tools For Employers

Working caregivers are ordinary people providing physical, mental, and emotional support to a family member, partner, friend or neighbour while balancing workplace demands. Caregivers represent an estimated 35% of the Canadian workforce with burnout at an all-time high, putting the mental health of employees, staff retention and workplace productivity at risk. 30% of working caregivers are considering leaving their job to take better care of the person they are supporting. $1.3 billion is lost in workforce productivity in Canada annually due to caregiving demands, yet many caregivers continue to go unseen and under-supported in the workplace.

There are ways to better support caregiving employees so they can continue to share their valuable knowledge and skills in the workplace while caring for those who need them. Our suite of tools and resources provide you with key tips and strategies that can be built into existing workplace initiatives, providing benefits to you and your employees.

Support for Employers:

Download the Guide for Employers: Caregivers in the Workplace – Building a sustainable and resilient workforce which includes tips, strategies, and templates to support workplace leaders in building more caregiver-inclusive practices.

Take our e-learning course comprised of 3 modules walking you through the working caregiver experience, key strategies, and case examples.

A certificate of completion is provided.

Want to share supportive tools with your staff? Download the Toolkit for Working Caregivers: Work & Caregiving – A Balancing Act designed to assist caregiving employees in finding the right solutions for them and their employers.

If you would like to share information about the Ontario Caregiver Organization or any of its free programs and services, please feel free to use the following materials.

Contact OCO if you would like to learn more about how you can make your workplace more inclusive for caregiving employees.

COVID-19: Impacts on the Workplace

As employers begin the process of re-opening workplaces, it is critical to consider the effect of this re-opening on caregivers. Download Action Steps for Employers as Workplaces Re-Open 

Additional Resources

International Organization for Standardization: Aging Societies Standard ISO 25551

McMaster University: Gender Health and Caregiver Friendly Workplaces Project

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