The Ontario Caregiver Organization Online Learning Library

The Ontario Caregiver Organization Online Learning Library

The OCO Learning Library, a learning management system (LMS), is a platform used for teaching and learning caregiver-related subject matter through online eLearning modules and courses. 

  • What eLearning modules and courses are available in the OCO Learning Library?

    The following OCO eLearning modules and courses are divided by different types of learners:

    • Family Caregivers
      • Caregiver 101 (for new caregivers)
      • Caregivers Partnering with Health Professionals – A Strategy that Works
      • Roadmap to Caregiving: The Realities of Mental Health and Addiction
      • Microlearning (coming soon): Short, single topic, applied learning modules (5-10 minutes)
    • Health Care Providers
      • Caregivers as Partners (Original Series)
      • Caregivers as Partners Refresher Module
      • Caregivers as Partners Mental Health and Addiction Series
    • OCO Volunteers
      • Peer Mentor Training Course
    • Employers
      • Caregivers in the Workplace: A Course for Employers
  • Why eLearning with OCO?

    Caregivers are busy – learn when you have the time. The benefits of OCO’s online Learning Library:

    • Convenient to use – accessible 24/7 and at your own pace
    • Courses are self-directed, interactive, and independent
    • Caregivers have access to an OCO Program Lead who can answer course-related questions via email to assist with learning
    • Log in from your phone, or computer – and learn anywhere
    • Courses include short videos to enhance learning
    • Certificates of achievement can be saved and printed
  • How do I access the OCO Learning Library?
    • Users are required to set up a Learning Library account
    • Watch the tutorial below to learn more about how to set up your account and access courses

Click here to access the OCO Learning Library and get started!

For questions or assistance with online learning, please contact

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