Caregivers as Partners eLearning for Healthcare Providers

Setting the Foundations for Building a Culture of Care Partnerships

70% of the care provided to patients is by the caregiver.

Yet caregivers say they don’t often feel like recognized, supported or valued members of the care team. Despite the healthcare system relying heavily on caregivers to care for patients, and the benefits of caregivers on patient health outcomes and system performance, healthcare providers often do not engage with caregivers.

As healthcare organizations work towards building new and strengthening existing partnerships with patients and families and caregivers, the question of ‘why’ and more importantly ‘how-to’ arises. With system transformation unfolding against a backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of caregivers has become more prominent than ever before.

About the eLearning suite

The Caregivers as Partners eLearning Suite enables healthcare providers and staff to better support and apply the principles of family inclusion and patient and family-centred care to improve the caregiver experience, and patient and health system outcomes. By highlighting how small tangible changes in behaviour, communication and practice can be meaningful, the eLearning fosters a shared understanding of the importance of, and how to effectively partner with caregivers.

Collaborating with healthcare providers, patients and caregivers, The Change Foundation, through its Changing CARE initiative co-designed two series to support healthcare providers in improving the caregiver experience. Developed using Bloom’s Taxonomy, adult learning principles and e-learning best practices, the open-source modules are rooted in open learning, are accessibility compliant and available in a web format (HTML) for individual learning, PowerPoint (PPT) for group learning and learning management system (LMS) formats for organization integration.

The Series

The Caregivers as Partners original series

  • Three 20-minute modules:
    1. Understanding the Role of Caregivers
    2. Communicating with Caregivers
    3. Empowering Caregivers
  • Provides practical education on how to engage, support and empower caregivers
  • Applicable across health and community care to all providers and staff
  • Introduction/summary “Refresher” module also available
  • Certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario Chapter
  • Accredited by the Canadian Nurses Association

The Caregivers as Partners Mental Health & Addiction Series

  • Three 20-minute modules:
      1. Nature and Impact
      2. The Burden of Care
      3. Hope and Recovery
  • Highlights practical skills and resources to improve the caregiver experience by highlighting what makes the caregiving journey different when caring for someone living with mental illness and/or addiction
  • Applicable to all staff and providers in the addiction and mental health sector
  • A resource list of organizations that provide support to patients living with mental illness and/or addition and their caregivers is available as a supplementary resource
  • Accredited by the Canadian Nurses Association


The Caregivers as Partners eLearning suite is available free of charge for individuals and organizations.

The Caregivers as Partners eLearning suite can also be published as per the requirements of learning management systems (LSMs) to support organizational adoption and implementation.

To access the modules, you will need to create an account and login. An account is required to receive a certificate of completion upon completing all three modules. Additionally, you will need to have Adobe Flash installed and enabled on your computer.

Should you have any questions or concerns including inquires related to LMS integration, please contact

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