The information on COVID-19 is evolving day to day. If you’re a caregiver, you may want to ensure you have a plan in place should you or your family member, partner, friend or neighbour need to self-quarantine or become ill. This includes speaking with your family doctor and other physicians as well as homecare providers.

Caregiver Tips & Resources

  1. Tips for Caregiver Mental Health During COVID-19
  2. How Technology Can Support Caregivers During COVID-19
  3. Virtual Caregiver Support Group
  4. What Caregivers Want Healthcare Providers and Hospital Staff to Know
  5. Connecting Socially While Keeping Your Distance
  6. Caregiver Contingency Plan
  7. Caregiver Starter Kit
  8. Caring for Seniors in Your Community

Learn more about Covid-19 from the provincial and federal government:

  1. Information from the Ontario Government on Covid-19, including self-assessment
  2. About COVID-19 and current situation in Ontario
  3. COVID-19 Symptoms
  4. What to do if you or a person you care for has been in contact with someone with COVID-19
  5. Travel Advisories
  6. Employment Assistance

Other helpful resources:

World Health Organization

Public Health Agency of Canada

If you need medical advice, please contact  Telehealth Ontario at 1.866.797.0000

If you are looking for local resources to support you or your care recipient, please contact the Ontario Caregiver Helpline at 1.833.416.2273 or access the live chat on this site. A Community Resource Specialist will help you find what is available in your area.