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SCALE Online Counselling

The SCALE (Supporting Caregiver Awareness, Learning and Empowerment) Program can provide you with skills you need to find a balance between your caregiving responsibilities and personal needs. Individual and group counseling options are available when the Program is offered live.

Exclusively offered to registered SCALE participants, these weekly sessions offer insights and tools you can use throughout your caregiver journey:

The SCALE Program is offered twice yearly and returns in Fall 2024. Register for the next SCALE session.

SCALE is also available on demand. Caregivers are busy. We have recorded each session so that you can watch our SCALE webinars at any time, including when it’s not offered live.

SCALE Counselling Participant


Overcoming shared struggles together 

“Find the group sessions thought provoking, it takes one’s mind off some of your own struggles as you empathize with others on the screen and some of the roads they must walk. We sometimes can’t see the ‘forest for the trees’ as we wade through health care and caregiver duties along with moral and ethical questions and try to keep our own heads above ‘the noise’ in our own heads.”

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