Caregiving Video Tips During COVID-19

We understand that caregiving during this ever evolving situation has its challenges.

Together, with Michal Goldstein a Registered Social Worker, we have partnered to develop a series of two-minute video tips to help you navigate through this unprecedented period.

  1. Maintaining Balance – Scheduling, structure and sanity
  2. Finding support where there seems to be none
  3. Caregiving during a pandemic – how to manage changes within the healthcare system
  4. Too close for comfort – managing being home bound during this difficult time
  5. Strengthening connections during the COVID-19 pandemic

Michal Goldstein is a Registered Social Worker working at Dynamic Health Clinic in Toronto where she sees adults for  individual, couples and group counselling. She is also the founder of Creating Connections, a play-based therapy practice in Toronto, where she works with children suffering from mental health and behavioral challenges. She has over a decade of experience working with caregivers to support them in improving their ability to cope with the challenges inherent in caring for a loved one.