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Are You a Caregiver?

Do you provide emotional and/or physical support to a family member, partner, friend, or neighbour? If so, you are a caregiver. You may think you’re just doing what needs to be done but being a caregiver comes with unique responsibilities and it can be overwhelming at times.

Explore our resources designed to support you in your caregiving role.

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54 min

Watch now and learn how to cultivate self-compassion, get tips for developing a routine and discover how to create without guilt, anger, and resentment.

S1 E1 | 38 min
Becoming a Caregiver
What’s in this podcast:

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Mieko Ise, Program Advisor for The Ontario Caregiver Organization, to talk about the realities of becoming a caregiver.

S1 E5 | 45 min
The Organized Caregiver
What’s in this podcast:

Michelle Jobin is joined by Organizing Expert, Clare Kumar to discuss how an organized schedule, home and life can decrease stress.

I’m a caregiver

Caring for: Mother & Father


The Joys of Caregiving

Rick shares insights and lessons learned while caring for his elderly parents.

I am a Caregiver Toolkit
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Caregiving Wellness Quiz
  • 5 min
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Benefits and Tax Related Resources
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Caregiver Checklist 
  • Worksheet
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Most of us, at some point in our lives, will be a caregiver to someone close to us. A caregiver provides physical and/or emotional support to a family member, partner, friend, or neighbour. Who do you care for?