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Bridging Gaps: Cultural Competence in Healthcare

This episodes invites caregiver Usha Shanmugathasan, M.Ed., OCT to discuss the cultural barriers that many immigrant caregivers face.

The Sandwich Generation & Caring for a Parent at End of Life

In this episode Alison Lawler-Dean shares her story as a caregiver in the sandwich generation, caring for their ageing parents while also raising young children.

Maintaining a Healthy Mind with Michael Goldstein

Host Michelle Jobin and social worker Michal Goldstein discuss the importance of a balanced schedule and the benefits of staying mindful.

Being a Young Caregiver 

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Allegra Pearce, a young caregiver. Pearce dives deep into her experience caring for her mother who was diagnosed with dementia when she was 22. 

The Ontario Caregiver Organization Coaching Program 

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Brenda Davie and Suzanne McKenna to discuss The Ontario Caregiver Organization Coaching Program. 

Keeping Your Relationships Strong

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Dr. Natasha Sharma, an internationally recognized relationship expert for a discussion about her work and how it pertains to caregivers.

Caregiver Mental Health and Cultural Differences in Caregiving

Host Michelle Jobin is joined by Nicole Waldron, a mental fitness coach, advocate for caregivers within the BIPOC community, and caregiver for her son.

Creative Healing Through Transformation

In this episode, host Michelle Jobin is joined by Donna Fitzgerald to speak about her experience on becoming a full-time caregiver for her husband, and how that experience birthed her […]

The Importance of Nutrition and Meal Planning

Michelle Jobin is joined by Kyle Byron, a nutrition coach. They review nutrition and its importance to caregivers—specifically how important meal prepping can be for one’s health and how a […]

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