We Could All Use A Little Kindness

We started the Undercover Kindness Project as a heartfelt way to inspire Ontarians to show family caregivers some much needed kindness. Last fall, we invited people to share about the caregiver in their life and how an undercover act of kindness could help make their day a little bit better. Then we quietly planned the “act” with the person who did the nominating and OCO ambassador Erica Ehm. We wanted to help them do something meaningful, that would acknowledge the caregiver and make being a caregiver just a bit easier.

That’s the point of the Undercover Kindness Project. Anyone can get involved. And you don’t have to do anything elaborate. Acts of kindness can come in many different forms, from a cup of coffee, to help them at home. Simply listen, support, and if you see something a caregiver needs, do an act of kindness that could make a real difference to them.

Watch our first-ever undercover act of kindness. We’re grateful for the chance to help this family and capture how a simple act of kindness can make the world of difference.

Acknowledge the caregiver(s) in your life with an act of kindness that matters to them. An easy thing you can do today is download the I am a Caregiver booklet and give it to the caregiver in your life. It’s a great first step to connecting them to free caregiver programs and services like the 24/7 caregiver helpline, peer support and more.

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